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Write a report

Why a four-year-old child could understand this report. Run out and find me a four-year-old child. I can't make head nor tail out of it.

Groucho Marx

Obviously, we can find different levels of reports. In this post, we would start for the begining, the most easy. So, if you are enough qualified, we will be able to improve our knowledges

Report Writing

Key success factors

  • Being clear and concise
  • Making sensible recommendations based on your observation

The aim of this report = What this report is…

..is to assess student satisfaction with the classes and facilities = ..is to find
out how happy students are with the classes and facilities
In general, the students rated very highly the teachers = In general, students
thought the teachers were very good
As regard class sizes, most students think that there should no more than
twelve students in a class..= about class sizes, most students thinks that there
should no more than twelve students in a class
As for the duration, they officially last an hour = As for how the class last, they
officially last an hour
We suggest purchasing more computers…. = We suggest buying more computers…
Overall feel… = Most students feel
… that if the suggested, it will be an even better place to study = ..that if you make the changes we suggest, it will be an even better place to study…

Common expressions

Generally speaking people think…
In general, people think….
It would be advisable....
We propose that…..
I strongly recommend (+ -ing) extending the opening time…
It would be far preferable for classes…

Tips for writing a report

  • Look carefully at who the report is for and what they need to know. This will help

You choose what information you have to include

  • In the introduction state what the aim of the report is
  • Decide what the subdivisions are going to be within the areas of the report and think of headings for them
  • For each paragraph state the situation (strengths and weaknesses) and then make a recommendation
  • If in a exam you are given information on which to base your report, try not to use exactly the same words
  • Try to use a variety of expressions for generalizing and making suggestions
  • Use an appropriate professional style, avoiding very informal expressions


  • Draft your report, using the headings and suggestions you worked on in the planning stage
  • Edit the report, deciding if there is any information that should be left out and making sure the report is the right length
  • Check the report for mistakes in grammar, spelling, puntuation, and register

We are sure that these suggestions will help you, but we also recommended you to watch the next video

We have written one example. It's not exactly a report, it's an article about saving environment, but we think that it can be useful for you. 

Saving environment, the main key to our future

During the last 1300 years, humans have been the most important cause of the climate change. Are we in time to modify our black future?

In the last meeting of IPPC (Intergovernamental Panel Of Climate Change), celebrated in Geneve, the researchers have been working to find an answer.

It's enough to flick thought some historical books about the industrial revolution to understand that, maybe, our civilisation wasn't prepared for all this changes especially if we thought about the environment

According to a survey of IPCC, more than half a trillion tonnes of carbon have been burned since the industrial revolution. As a result, the global sea level has risen about 17 centimeters in the last century. Besides, the rate in the last decade is nearly twice the one that of the last century

Most of 200 scientists gathered in Geneve concluded that, in spite of the effort of international agencies which are working to change this situation, rich countries doesn't give up to reduce their Co2 emissions.

How can we set up new relations between rich countries which permit to solve the secure death of our humanity? "Listening to the scientists who have different solutions and permit that they applied them", it was one of the main conclusions in the last meeting of IPCC.

However,  a light of hope switched on at the end of the meeting when the USA spokesperson said that the President Barack Obama would explain in the congress at the beginning of the new year the new measures to reduce Co2 emissions. "However", added, " we can't deny that our personal implication is also important. If we don't understand that we are in front of a catastrophic situation, we won't find a better future for our children".

Please, send us your own report. We can discuss about your writing. You can choose several themes like airlines companies, train, transport, administrative, traffic and many other.

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