martes, 21 de octubre de 2014

Why teenagers are irritable?

“... And these children
that you spit on
as they try to change their worlds
are immune to your consultations.
They're quite aware
of what they're going through...” 

David Bowie

Teenagers irritable

Read the following text that you could find in this link. It was published in "The Independent" by Kashmira Gander

We have transcribed this text because you have to do the next exercices:

1. Decide wheter the words in bold are nouns or verbs
2. Find the subject for each of the underlined verbs
3. Summarise the text in one sentence

Teenagers irritable because early school hours mess with their biological clocks

Kashmira Gander, “The Independent”

Teenagers may not be irritable because of supposed attitude problems, but because early school hours affect their biological clocks, scientists claim.

New research shows that early starts can affect a teenager’s mood, and changing when the school day begins can perk up a teen’s mood, benefit their health and enhance their ability to learn.

The team leading the study published in the journal “Learning, Media and Technology” suggest that “our ability to function (and learn), varies with biological time rather than convencional social times”.

Our sleep-wake cycle, or circadian rhythm, is the result of a complex balance between states of alertness and sleepiness regulated by a part of the brain called Suprachiasmatic Nucleus (SNC).

When a child’s biological time and school hours are closely aligned, like at the beginning of their school careers, their faculties are not affected.

However, during adolescence consequences become drastically clear, when “the conflict between social and biological time is greater than at any point of our lives” according to the academics. This is because during puberty, shifts in a teens bodyclock push the optimal time for sleep later into evening, making it difficult for most teenagers to fall asleep before 11.00 p.m.

When early schools starts are coupled with a teen’s biological clock, the result is chronic sleep-deprivation, low grades and health problems.

Academics added that there is a body of evidence showing the benefits of synchronising education times with teens’ body clocks. They go on to conclude that while studies “consistently” show adolescents benefit from waking later, there is no evidence to show that early starts have a positive impact on how healthy or how academically succesful school students are.

Examples harnessing this body evidence include the United States Air Force Academy, where a later start policy saw the grades earned by a group of 18-19 year old soar.

In the following link you could find the solutions and don't doubt to contact us if you have some problem to understand the vocabulary of this article

domingo, 19 de octubre de 2014

Paul Auster and his novel "Moon Palace"

“I had jumped off the edge, and then, at the very last moment, something reached out and caught me in midair. That something is what I define as love. It is the one thing that can stop a man from falling, powerful enough to negate the laws of gravity.” 

 Paul Auster, "Moon Palace"

Paul Auster and his novel "Moon Palace"

In the following link, you could read an interview of Paul Auster which summarizes how is the personage

After Christmas, We're sure that you will able to have finished to read "Moon Palace", if you want you can send us the answers about the following questions and to argue about this novel. We hope that you enjoy it!

1. In maximun 100 words describe Marco’s quest to identify ( As a guideline, you could compare his state of mind at the beginning of the book which what he has achieved at the end).
2. In about 50 words explain what role you think “the moon” has in the novel.
3. In maximun 50 words explain which part of the book you enjoyed most, or what you have found most interesting.
4. Write a letter to the author.

In the following link, you could find the answers about this exercise, but the most important is that you study the last answer because it introduces a possible structure to write a letter.

viernes, 17 de octubre de 2014

The White Stripes

I considerer music to be storytelling, melody and rhythm. A lot of hip-hop has broken music down. There are no instruments and no songwriting. So you're left with just storytelling can be so braggadocious, you're just left with rhythm

Jack White

The White Stripes, "We're going to be friends"

Listen this song and then try to complete the lyrics

Fall is here, hear the yell
back to school, ring the..........
.......... new shoes, walking blues
climb the fence, books and pens
I can tell that we are gonna be friends
I can tell that we are gonna be friends

Walk with me, Suzy Lee
.......... the park and by the tree
we will rest upon the..........
and look at all the bugs we found
safely walk to school...........a sound
safely walk to school.......... a sound

Here we are, no one else
we walked to school all by..........
there's dirt on our uniforms
from chasing all the .......... and worms
we clean up and now it's time to ..........
we clean up and now it's time to..........

Numbers, letters, learn to..........
.........., and books, and show and tell 
playtime we will.......... the ball
back to class, through the ...........
teacher marks our .......... against the wall
teacher marks our .......... against the wall

We don't .......... any time pass
We don't .......... anything
we sit side by side in every class
teacher thinks that I .......... funny
but she likes the way you sing

Tonight I'll dream while I'm in bed
when silly .......... go through my head
about the .......... and alphabet
and when I wake tomorrow I'll ..........
that you and I will walk together again
I can tell that we are gonna be friends

Listen another time this song with lyrics and try to understand


I can tell that we are gonna be friends: Yo tenía la impresión que éramos amigos
Ants: hormigas
worms: gusanos
to throw: tirar, lanzar
heights: alturas
thoughts: pensamientos

If you want to know more about "The White Stripes" you can visit this website 

jueves, 16 de octubre de 2014

Fox hunting

Thousand of people take part in fox hunting every year in the UK

Fox Hunting in UK

Watch the next video and then answer the following questions writing true o false according the video.

1. Fox Husting is a pastime for farmers in Britain 
2. The use of hounds is completely forbidden on Boxing day
3. It's difficult to observe what hunters do in the private areas
4. 19 people have been punished for breaking the law
5. 250.000 turned out today to take part in fox hunting
6. Dogs are allowed to be used to follow the scent of foxes
The hound can be taken to drive out foxes and kill them

Solutions: 1F; 2F; 3T; 4T; 5T; 6T; 7F

If you need to have more information about this topic, you can watch the next link and then give us your opinion. We can discuss!!!

martes, 14 de octubre de 2014

The Worsening Ebola Crisis

Life on Earth is at the ever-increasing risk of being wiped out by a disaster, such as sudden global nuclear war, a genetically engineered virus or other dangers we have not yet thought of.

The Worsening Ebola Crisis

In this new post we'll talk of the ebola virus. We know that we have done in various occasions but we understand that the issue is very important worldwide. Read the next text and then look for the new vocabulary.

Key Words: readiness, rashly, pledged, manpower, painkillers, households, midst, striken, dishearten, dismiss, don
In the following link you can find the correct answer about this new vocabulary: 

domingo, 12 de octubre de 2014

Addicted to technology

One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man

Elbert Hubbard, writer, artist and philosopher

Are some people addicted to technology?

Watch the following video

You are going to listen to an interview. Read the following statements and decide if they are TRUE (T) or FALSE (F) according to what is is said

1. Being exposed to technology can modify our brain
2. Repeating task too often can damage our neurological system
3. Kids are putting aside face to face communication
4. Technology worsens our generation gap
5. According to research results people with Internet experience are likely to become better and making decisions
6. Surgeons must have computer skills to be able to carry out operations
7. Spending too much time on the Internet can result into an attention deficit disorder (ADHD)
8. According to the journalist, interpersonal communication can become too slow for Internet surfers
9. Families should ban Internet surfing after 20:00 to protect family communication
10. Some schools have teach free days and do some writing about it
11. According to research families that text together stay longer together
12 Time spent with technology should equal time spent with the own family


worsen: break up

1T; 2F; 3T; 4F; 5T; 6F; 7T; 8T; 9F; 10T; 11F; 12F

jueves, 9 de octubre de 2014

The 2014 Ebola outbreak

The first human outbreak occurred in 1976: one in northern Zaire and the other in the southen Sudan

Listen the next video about the 2014 Ebola outbreak

Look for the new vocabulary. Then, underline the correct answer:

1. The origin of the current o outbreak in West Africa is....
       a)...the death of an infected bat
       b)...the death of an infected two-year-old boy
       c)...the death of a whole family who had eaten infected bats for dinner
2. How are bodies prepared for burial in some African villages?
        a) They are thoroughly purged
        b) Their hands are desinfected through a ritual
        c) They are covered in clean wraps to avoid contact with fluids
3. Why is the incubation phase so dangerous?
        a) Because even the firts symptoms can kill people don't know
        b) Because the virus is still undetected but spreads easily
4. West Africa is...
        a)...nowhere near as big as the USA with roughly the same population
        b)...considerably bigger than the USA, with half the population
        c)...slightly smaller than the USA, with a lot more population
5. What happened in Nigeria?
        a) The infected Liberian man spread the virus through the city
        b) The Nigerian doctor couldn't keep the man in quarantine and they both died
        c) The Nigerian doctor managed to limit the outbreak to a few cases
6. Liberia's president, Ella Johnson Sirleaf,
        a) is trying to keep the virus under control
        b) is being critized for isolating infected people
        c) fled when the outbreak began, leaving the country in chaos
7. What attitude do African people show?
        a) Wariness
        b) Caution
        c) Agressiveness
8. How did Geoffrey Platt contract the virus in 1976?
        a) He pricked his finger
        b) It is not clear yet
        c) He had been in Africa before to research the disease
9. What measures ha Obama taken?
        a) He is sending troops to prevent people from leaving West Africa
        b) He is sending qualified doctors
        c) He is sending troops to build centers to treat the infected

Read some solutions and the solutions in the following link

miércoles, 8 de octubre de 2014

Vocabulary related to the the mass media

The means of communication, as radio and television, newspapers, and magazines, that reach or influence people widely

We have written some posts about mass media, but we haven't spoke about your specific vocabulary. Now, it's the best time to learn some new nouns. Read the following link.

Please, after reading this words, could you answer this questions?

Media bias
Do you think that this concept is applied in our country? Why?

According you, have changed the inicial idea about the concept of press conference in Spain in the last years?

Trial ballons
In your opinion, are trial ballons a way to manipulate the mass media and, in consequence, the public opinion? Why?

In Spain, do you know how would be the equivalent of the English tabloids?

martes, 7 de octubre de 2014

Ebola arrives in Spain

“The rate spread of EBOLA VIRUS in West Africa, is big tragedy. It is a fatal disease in the history of the world. Intensive education (formal and informal approaches) of the citizens of African can help prevent the spread. International cooperation is urgently needed to combat the EBOLA virus.” 

        Laila Gifty Akita, Faculty of Chemistry of Sciences Institute of Geosciences

It’s important to know what are saying the most important international mass media about our country when something important are happening. We’re sure that you have listened, read or watched the news about Spanish nurse who has become the first person to have contracted the deadly Ebola virus outside West Africa.

One suggestion: don’t focus your attention in to understand all the words.  Look for the general idea about the text. It’s less stressful and you will enjoy more the reading! 

We have linked  some examples about this news in some iInternational mass media

¿What are the point common in these news?
¿What is the most used vocabulary the?

lunes, 6 de octubre de 2014

The importance of being Mohammed

I love inventing names, but I also collect unusual names, so that I can look through my notebook and choose one that suits a new character

J. K. Rowling

The global immigration

"The Guardian" has published this complete article about the global immigration. If you can read it you will guess that the immigration is a big problem around the world. Try to give your opinion about this topic

Now, we want that you enjoy before you go on with our exercises. See the next video 

Related with the immigration and the false stereotipyes, read the following article published also by "The Guardian" 

Look for the vocabulary that you haven't understood. We suggest some possibilities.

unminstakably, steadely, surpassing, display, bias, prophet, worship, handy, chart, downward, merely, overwhelming, within, frontrunner, indeed

In the next link, you can find the solutions.

According this article, What is the most common name and why?

Do you agree with the social movement which link names with the religion?

What are your prefered names and why?

Try to understand the following video about the importance of the names in the job

sábado, 4 de octubre de 2014

Write a report

Why a four-year-old child could understand this report. Run out and find me a four-year-old child. I can't make head nor tail out of it.

Groucho Marx

Obviously, we can find different levels of reports. In this post, we would start for the begining, the most easy. So, if you are enough qualified, we will be able to improve our knowledges

Report Writing

Key success factors

  • Being clear and concise
  • Making sensible recommendations based on your observation

The aim of this report = What this report is… to assess student satisfaction with the classes and facilities = to find
out how happy students are with the classes and facilities
In general, the students rated very highly the teachers = In general, students
thought the teachers were very good
As regard class sizes, most students think that there should no more than
twelve students in a class..= about class sizes, most students thinks that there
should no more than twelve students in a class
As for the duration, they officially last an hour = As for how the class last, they
officially last an hour
We suggest purchasing more computers…. = We suggest buying more computers…
Overall feel… = Most students feel
… that if the suggested, it will be an even better place to study = ..that if you make the changes we suggest, it will be an even better place to study…

Common expressions

Generally speaking people think…
In general, people think….
It would be advisable....
We propose that…..
I strongly recommend (+ -ing) extending the opening time…
It would be far preferable for classes…

Tips for writing a report

  • Look carefully at who the report is for and what they need to know. This will help

You choose what information you have to include

  • In the introduction state what the aim of the report is
  • Decide what the subdivisions are going to be within the areas of the report and think of headings for them
  • For each paragraph state the situation (strengths and weaknesses) and then make a recommendation
  • If in a exam you are given information on which to base your report, try not to use exactly the same words
  • Try to use a variety of expressions for generalizing and making suggestions
  • Use an appropriate professional style, avoiding very informal expressions


  • Draft your report, using the headings and suggestions you worked on in the planning stage
  • Edit the report, deciding if there is any information that should be left out and making sure the report is the right length
  • Check the report for mistakes in grammar, spelling, puntuation, and register

We are sure that these suggestions will help you, but we also recommended you to watch the next video

We have written one example. It's not exactly a report, it's an article about saving environment, but we think that it can be useful for you. 

Saving environment, the main key to our future

During the last 1300 years, humans have been the most important cause of the climate change. Are we in time to modify our black future?

In the last meeting of IPPC (Intergovernamental Panel Of Climate Change), celebrated in Geneve, the researchers have been working to find an answer.

It's enough to flick thought some historical books about the industrial revolution to understand that, maybe, our civilisation wasn't prepared for all this changes especially if we thought about the environment

According to a survey of IPCC, more than half a trillion tonnes of carbon have been burned since the industrial revolution. As a result, the global sea level has risen about 17 centimeters in the last century. Besides, the rate in the last decade is nearly twice the one that of the last century

Most of 200 scientists gathered in Geneve concluded that, in spite of the effort of international agencies which are working to change this situation, rich countries doesn't give up to reduce their Co2 emissions.

How can we set up new relations between rich countries which permit to solve the secure death of our humanity? "Listening to the scientists who have different solutions and permit that they applied them", it was one of the main conclusions in the last meeting of IPCC.

However,  a light of hope switched on at the end of the meeting when the USA spokesperson said that the President Barack Obama would explain in the congress at the beginning of the new year the new measures to reduce Co2 emissions. "However", added, " we can't deny that our personal implication is also important. If we don't understand that we are in front of a catastrophic situation, we won't find a better future for our children".

Please, send us your own report. We can discuss about your writing. You can choose several themes like airlines companies, train, transport, administrative, traffic and many other.