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The 2014 Ebola outbreak

The first human outbreak occurred in 1976: one in northern Zaire and the other in the southen Sudan

Listen the next video about the 2014 Ebola outbreak

Look for the new vocabulary. Then, underline the correct answer:

1. The origin of the current o outbreak in West Africa is....
       a)...the death of an infected bat
       b)...the death of an infected two-year-old boy
       c)...the death of a whole family who had eaten infected bats for dinner
2. How are bodies prepared for burial in some African villages?
        a) They are thoroughly purged
        b) Their hands are desinfected through a ritual
        c) They are covered in clean wraps to avoid contact with fluids
3. Why is the incubation phase so dangerous?
        a) Because even the firts symptoms can kill people don't know
        b) Because the virus is still undetected but spreads easily
4. West Africa is...
        a)...nowhere near as big as the USA with roughly the same population
        b)...considerably bigger than the USA, with half the population
        c)...slightly smaller than the USA, with a lot more population
5. What happened in Nigeria?
        a) The infected Liberian man spread the virus through the city
        b) The Nigerian doctor couldn't keep the man in quarantine and they both died
        c) The Nigerian doctor managed to limit the outbreak to a few cases
6. Liberia's president, Ella Johnson Sirleaf,
        a) is trying to keep the virus under control
        b) is being critized for isolating infected people
        c) fled when the outbreak began, leaving the country in chaos
7. What attitude do African people show?
        a) Wariness
        b) Caution
        c) Agressiveness
8. How did Geoffrey Platt contract the virus in 1976?
        a) He pricked his finger
        b) It is not clear yet
        c) He had been in Africa before to research the disease
9. What measures ha Obama taken?
        a) He is sending troops to prevent people from leaving West Africa
        b) He is sending qualified doctors
        c) He is sending troops to build centers to treat the infected

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