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Paul Auster and his novel "Moon Palace"

“I had jumped off the edge, and then, at the very last moment, something reached out and caught me in midair. That something is what I define as love. It is the one thing that can stop a man from falling, powerful enough to negate the laws of gravity.” 

 Paul Auster, "Moon Palace"

Paul Auster and his novel "Moon Palace"

In the following link, you could read an interview of Paul Auster which summarizes how is the personage

After Christmas, We're sure that you will able to have finished to read "Moon Palace", if you want you can send us the answers about the following questions and to argue about this novel. We hope that you enjoy it!

1. In maximun 100 words describe Marco’s quest to identify ( As a guideline, you could compare his state of mind at the beginning of the book which what he has achieved at the end).
2. In about 50 words explain what role you think “the moon” has in the novel.
3. In maximun 50 words explain which part of the book you enjoyed most, or what you have found most interesting.
4. Write a letter to the author.

In the following link, you could find the answers about this exercise, but the most important is that you study the last answer because it introduces a possible structure to write a letter.

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