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Marketing & Sales

"Business has only two functions - marketing and innovation"

Milan Kundera

Marketing & Sales

Vocabulary building activities

1.Choose the correct answer A, B or C. 

1 What is the marketing term for a sales representative who visits customers to sell a product? 
A visiting B direct selling C travelling 
2 A luxury product which is high quality and expensive is a(n) ………… product. 
A upmarket B downmarket C middle-market 
3 A product which only appeals to a very specialist group of customers is a ………. Product. 
A special B niche C reserved 
4 The percentage of the market which your company has in your market ………… . 
A quota B segment C share 
5 What is a brand called which has the supermarket’s name on it? 
A an own brand B a white brand C a proprietary brand 
6 Which word has these three meanings: start (a company), put (a product) on the market, start (an advertising campaing)? 
A throw B begin C launch 7 
7 What do marketers call the place where the product reaches the consumer? 
A an end-user B a final stop C an outlet 
8 What is another word for direct mail? 
A correspondence B junk mail C snail mail 9 
9 When a company subsidies a football team or a music concert, what is this called? 
A endorsement B subvention C sponsorship 
10 Which of these publicity materials is likely to look like a colour magazine? 
A a brochure B a leaflet C a newsletter 11 
When a company does a lot of publicity, this is called …………. . 
A an advertising campaign B a promotional event C a price war 
12 When clients or consumers talk about your product or service, what is this type of publicity called? 
A a talking campaign B word-of-mouth C personal recommendations

Presentation to do in the one-to-one session 

Your task is to create a product pitch. For this assignment, you will invent your own product and choose a company to present the product pitch to. Prepare a 3-minute presentation on it. Examples: 
*Student A has developed a solar-powered air-conditioner called the “Suncool,” which they will pitch to Best Buy. 
*Student B has invented an action figure toy that can go from slim to muscular, based on how much you move his arms. The doll is called “Body Builder Ben” and the team will pitch it to Toys R Us. 
Points to take into account: - What is your product? Name? Function? Price? Description? - Who is your target audience? What is its age range? - What is your target company? 
Why would your product be an asset to that company? - Why is your product necessary and unique? 
 How do you plan to promote it?

If you want complete this lesson, see the next video: 

Answer key 
 1 B 2 A 3 B 4 C 5 A 6 C 7 C 8 B 9 C 10 A 11 A 12 B

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