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Business & E-commerce


Business and e-commerce

Complete the gaps in the text below with words from this list. Use each word once only

careers; company ladder; entrepreneur; family firm; freelance; lifetime employment; multinational; promotion; self-employed

I joined the (1)__________ just after I finished university, but with so many cousins in the busines who are older than me, I realised I could wait years to get a/an (2)_________. So, afteer a couple of years, I decided to become (3)___________. I started my own small business in the retail sector. This was very successful, so I started another company, selling the same products on-line. What I like about being a/an (4)___________ is that you never have time to get bored!!

Many young people nowadays create their own (5)__________. They realise that very few companies, including (6)___________ ones, can now offer (7)__________. So, instead of relying on the old method of slowly but surely climbing the (8)__________, they spend a fwe years working for one company, then move on to another one or sell their skills on a/an (9)___________ basis to a number off different companies

Answer key

1. family firm
2. promotion
3. self-employed
4. entrepreneur
5. careers
6. multinational
7. lifetime employment
8. company ladder
9. freelance

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