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American versus British English!

"The british style'? The american way? They are not so different!

American versus British English!

An American guide to British English In 1882, Oscar Wilde wrote about Great Britain: "We have really everything in common with America nowadays except, of course, language." That still rings true today. The differences are endless, from pronunciation and punctuation to spelling and slang. So here is a beginners’ guide to the differences between British English and American English. 

When you're eating: 
 If you are served a biscuit, it will be a scone, not a cookie. 
 If someone is cooking bangers on the "barbie" it is not a sacrificial use of the doll. It's another way of saying barbecue. 
 A "bitter" refers to beer. And your bitter is served on a "beer mat" another way of saying coaster. 
 When it comes to appetizers and entrees, it's all mixed up. In England -- and the rest of Europe -- the entree is the appetizer, not the main course. 
 When you're ready to pay in a restaurant, ask for the bill, not the check (or cheque as it's spelled…) 

Everyday life … 
 To get around London, you will board the "tube," meaning the subway. The tube has "carriages" not cars, and when you board one, you will be warned to "mind the gap," the space between the carriage and the platform. 
 If someone excuses themselves to go to the bathroom, they mean that literally — they are going to take a bath. To use a restroom, ask for the "loo." 
 Expect to see a lot more of the letter "u" on signs. Instead of color, it's colour; harbor is harbour — the letter must have dropped in the Atlantic on the way over. And ‘er’ is transposed to ‘re’ as in centre, theatre. 

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I love this YouTube channel and some of you already know it! Let’s see why why Brits and Americans Spell Differently!: 

And what about pronunciation? Take a look at the following video and keep learning about the differences between American and British English! I hope you enjoy it! 

And last but not least, here’s one of my favourite songs of all times! First, have a look at the song if you want to understand the lyrics first: 

Then, click on the following link in order to watch the clip: 

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