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Ukraine crisis


Ukraine crisis

Watch the video and complete with 1-3 words:


This is what a scorched earth policy actually looks like, barely recognizable for what it is: Donetsk International Airport, a symbol of the searing intensity of the war in Ukraine that's ______ (1)_______ stopped, a battle that pitches a Western-leaning government againts a rebel army that turns to its ______ (2)______

So this is Day 2 of a shaky ceasefire and heavy _______(3)_______ are supposed to be pulled back, but that isn't what's happening here.

The rebel Defence Minister says he'll only pull his forces back when he has proof that the Ukrainians on this front line have ______(4)______ theirs.

But the issue that threatens this ______ (5)______ isn't that the guns haven't pulled back here; it's that they're still firing

"This is supposed to be Day 2 of the ceasefire in Eastern Ukraine, and as we've been hearing, the peace has not ______ (6)______ in. We've been hearing the consistent sound of artillery shells being fired _ there's another one. Most of it ______ (7)______ outgoing, but what the people of the Donetsk People's Republic are saying is that the're supreesing fire-"

(Stay -Stay together. Run! Run! Run!)

The Ukrainians insist they haven't broken the truce, accusing the rebels of shelling ______ (8)______ territory.

"But that's fring out"

"No. It's in and out"

The Defence Minister says he's trying to stop the _______ (9)_______ at their positions

The ______ (10)______ to stop this war failed. Today's peace deal has ______(11)_______ in most places but there's a clear risk that what we're watching is history ______ (12)_______

Ian Pannell, BBC News, at Donetsk International airport

1.supposed to have; 2. russian neighbours; 3. weapons; 4. withdraw; 5. peace deal; 6. settled; 7. appears to be; 8. Their own; 9. enemy from firing; 10. last effort; 11. held; 12. repeating itself.

Look for the meaning of the words in black

Complete the following timeline about Ukraine crisis. Look for in different newspapers


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