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Welcome to the perfect city

"A few years ago, the city council of Monza, Italy, barred pet owners from keeping goldfish in curved bowls...saying that is cruel to keep a fish in a bowl with curved sides because, gazing out, the fish would have a distorted view of reality- But how do we know we have the true, undistorted picture of reality?"
Stephen Hawking

Welcome to the perfect city

Environmental psycology is a field of science that looks at the ways in which we are affected by our surroundings. Almost every aspect of the built environment, from the colour of hospital walls to the type of grass used in parks, can have a dramatic impact on crime, health, education, commerce and happiness. BBC Focus Magazine reports on how psychologists are teaming up with designers to build spaces that are safer and healthier. 

Classic trick

In the mid-nineties in Montreal, it was discovered that playing classical music though the public address system would drive away crowds of loitering teenagers and cut crime. The idea soon caught on. Now, classical music is played in over sixty underground stations in London

Stop signs

Sometimes less is more - towns such as Bohmte in Germany have found that the best way to slow traffic is to remove all road signs and markings, Whitout these guides, drivers have to slow down and negotiate rights of way with other drivers, cyclist and pedestrians.

Dipping distractions

Researchers in Manchester found that pickpockets took advantage of pedestrians distracted by confusing environments. By removing visual clutter and making spaces easier to navigate, pedestrians are more aware of their surroundings and less likely to become victims of crime.

Delays stress

Commuting long distances isn't necessarily stressful, but delays are. A study of rail commuters found the highest levels of stress hormone cortisol among those who perceived their journey as unpredictable. Realtime transport updates, such as a text message sent to your phone letting you know exactly when the next bus will arrive, have been found to reduce stress.

*loitering: vaguear, holgazonear

Complete the sentences with the words in the box

amanities, infrastructure, congestion, abandonment, tolls, regeneration

1. The best thing to do with loitering teenagers is to give them _____(1)________ such a sport facilities
2. The city can't host a major international event because it doesn't have the ________(2)_______ . The transport links are poor and the power supply often fails.
3. The _____(3)_______ of run-down old buildings used to be a real problem where I live, but the area has undergone urban ________(4)_________, so now it's full of nice shops and houses.
4. There's always traffic __________(5)________ in the city centre. They should introduce more ______(6)______, so people have to pay to bring cars into the centre. 

1. amenities, 2. infrastructure, 3. abandonment, 4. regeneration, 5. congestion, 6. tolls.

Making a proposal

"Just to give you a bit of background information, Harrogate council has announced the creation of cycle hubs er, as part of itscycling strategy for the next five years....

3.3.1 Grammar
Making a proposal
introducing your proposal
Just to give a bit of background information…
To start with, I’m going to talk briefly about...
stating the purpose
The aim of the project is to…
The main goal/objective of our proposal is to...
describing your idea
What we plan to do is…
We’re going to do is…
We’re going to build/develop/come up with...
justifying your idea
This solution will help us to…
This idea is feasible because...
listing the benefits
In the first instance, this would mean…
The short-term / long-term benefits include...
summarising your proposal
So, basically, what we’re proposing is to…
To sump up, we’re proposing….
soliciting questions
Does anyone have any questions?
Is there anything that needs clarification?
1.  Underline the correct alternatives to complete the proposal
Just to bit of (1) background information / information background , we’re computer programmers who have travelled all over the world and have contacts everywhere. To start (2) up / with, we’re going to talk briefly about our plan for a website to organise student trips abroad.
The main goal (3) to/of our proposal is to get funding for this internet start-up, and the (4) target/aim of the project is to help students travel abroad for life-changing trips.
OK, (5) how /what we plan to do is create personalized trips according to the client’s interests. We’re going to come (6) up with / down to a menu of travel options linked to the client’s profile.
This idea is (7) possible / feasible because students book everything online and they love travelling, but they also want to avoid the problems of independent travel. This (8) opportunity / solution will help them to realise their dreams.
Here are the benefits: in the first (9) instance / case, our idea would mean the client didn’t have to organize anything. Secondly, there is (10) term long / long term benefit of security. We will plan safe itineraries and we’ll always know where the traveler is.
So, basically, (11) that / what we’re proposing is to tailor holidays for the client using our contacts abroad. To (12) sum up / the sump up, we want to provide amazing experiences for future generations, and you can be a part of this by providing start-up funds for our site.
1, background information; 2. With; 3. Of; 4. Aim; 5. What; 6. Up with; 7. Feasible; 8. Solution; 9. Instance; 10. Long-term; 11. What; 12, sum up
Think of an area you know, for example part of your city, and make notes of the questions below.
What problems does the area have? Think about:
Buildings, user-friendliness, facilities, safety, appearance, noise levels

Just to give a bit of background information,  the council has decided to order the old buildings owners that they rebuilt their buildings.
The aim of the project is to show the best face of the historic center. The council is going to help the owners with some economic aids.
This solution will improve the old streets of the historic center. The long-term the benefits include to an improvement to the tourism because we will have a more beautiful city than nowadays.
To sump up, It is proposing to improve our local economy.

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