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Christmas season is here!!!

Maybe Christmas, The Grinch thought, doesn’t come from a store”


Christmas season is here!!!

The festive season is now very much upon us and that means magic, giving and chocolate. Christmas, ‘tis the season to be mawkish. ‘Tis the season for blockbuster Christmas ads too. Indeed, for a certain generation, the advent of Christmas is announced by red trucks lighting up our screens.

If you're not British, the words "John Lewis Christmas ad" won't mean much to you. But in theU.K., the arrival of the department store chain's annual Christmas commercial (or "advert" as they say) marks the unofficial beginning of the holiday season — and John Lewis usually delivers an epic, and epically expensive, emotional rollercoaster of a spot that frequently leaves the nation
choking back tears.

On the first week of November, among much fanfare and hype, John Lewis unveiled its latest festive advert, Monty the penguin. Costing around £1m to make, Britain’s new furry friend has already clocked up over 14m views on YouTube alone. Every year the launch of the department store's TV commercial is a national event.

Haven’t seen the new John Lewis Christmas ad yet, click here and watch it now!

Cute Little Boy for reasons unknown has a best friend who is a penguin. He and Monty go everywhere together. After a series of sentimental shots of couples making out and Monty looking forlorn out of bus windows, his human friend eventually finds a mate for him and wraps her up for the penguin to find under the tree. This is a tale of friendship, love and giving someone the gift they’ve been dreaming of this Christmas. The apparent moral of the story: buy love at John Lewis!

The John Lewis Christmas campaigns aren't just an advertising phenomenon because they're heartwarming to watch. In recent years the ads have won a bunch of awards, not just for creativity, but effectiveness: the ads are proven to boost John Lewis’ sales over the holiday period!

Is it too early for retailers to be pumping out the Christmas ads? Shoppers don’t seem to mind: a third of them started their Christmas shopping in September.

All around the world, TV ads from popular retailers have gained iconic status in the run-up to Christmas. With 65% of shoppers admitting that Christmas TV ads are effective, it’s no surprise that retail companies are keen to get their ads on telly screens as soon as possible.

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Expand your vocabulary range by doing this activity:

Words in column A are words taken from the text. Match words in column A with definitions in column B. Use the context from the text to help you. Once you finish, check your answers at the end of this page.


  1. Mawkish
  1. Appearing lonely and unhappy
  1. Choke back tears
  1. a large amount of activity and discussion, in newspapers, et. to celebrate a new product or service
  1. Fanfare and hype
  1. To cover something completely in paper or other material, for exemple when you are giving it as a present
  1. To clock up something
  1. To try hard to prevent you feeling from showing
  1. Forlom
  1. To produce something in large amounts
  1. Wrap something up
  1. Expressing or sharing emotion in a way that is exaggerated or embarrassing. Synonim to “sentimental”
  1. Heartwarning
  1. A period of time leading up yo an important event
  1. Pump out
  1. To reach a particular amount of number
  1. Run-up
  1. Causing feelings of happiness and pleasure

Who has the best Christmas advert: John Lewis or Sainsbury's?

  1. Participate in The Guardian’s poll!
John Lewis has a rival this year in the form of the Sainsbury's first world war film. But which is best?

  1. Do you think John Lewis’ ‘making the nation cry… and buy’ strategy works?
You can learn more on the issue with this 30-minute video: John Lewis - the secrets of effective

  1. Take a look at some other legendary Christmas ads.

  1. Then, answer the questions:

Who has the best Christmas advert: John Lewis or Sainsbury’s?
Do you think John Lewis’ making the nation cry...and busy’ strategy works?
What gives you that Christmasssy feeling?
What influences you to spend at Christmas?
Can you think of more popular Christmas TV ads that people expect to see every year?

Answer Key
1F; 2D; 3B; 4H; 5A; 6C; 7I; 8E; 9G

Xmas is coming.... to town!
Christmas is a time...
…of merriment, joy and ecstasy.
…of snowy, freezing weather.
…of white-red-green ambiance and decoration all around us.
…for feeling homesick even when you're home.
…for families all wrapped up in each other.
…for recalling childhood memories.
…for giving away… and receiving.
…for opening presents… and hearts.
…for chimes ringing in the air.
…for singing carols.
…for sharing love, peace, hospitality and charity.

But also… for purchasing! So Christmas commercials are starting to flood our television screens.

Read the pdf article ‘Christmas season is here’ and answer the following questions:
Do you like Christmas ads? What’s your favorite one?
What gives you that Christmassy feeling? (TV ads, Christmas candies…)
Do you know more popular Christmas TV ads that people expect to see every year?
What influences you to spend at Christmas?

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