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Which is the best way to travel?

"For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long return"

Leonardo Da Vinci

The best way to travel

Every month the BBC Lonely Planet Magazine runs a photo competition. They ask readers to send in pictures they have taken on their travels and tell the story behind them

1. Sangkhlaburi, Thailand: Taking the plunge

* I'm sorry, we can't show this photo because we don't have the copy right

"We were in a long-tail bot crossing the Khao Laem reservoir in Sangkhlaburi, close to the Burmese border in Western Thailand, when our driver took us on a detour to Thailand's longest wooden brigde. As he cut the engine and we idled up to the bridge for a closer look, some local boys were enjoying a bombing (diving) competition. When they saw us, they seized the moment to showcase some of their diving and one ofter the other plunged into the water. We were only there for a few minutes but this impromptu performance remains one of the highlights of my time in Thailand. This shot embodies the spontaneity of the country, and its people's vibrancy"

Alistair McDonald was on a two-week holiday in Thailand.

plunge: zambullida
idled up: fuimos de un modo abnegado
to seize: aprovechar
showcase: vitrina, escaparate
shot: disparo
embody: personificar

Answer the questions

1. How did Alistair arrive at the scene?
2. What example (s) of spontaneity does he mention?

2. Havana, Cuba: Seeing the light

In the following link you will allow see the photo

"The Malecon is a five-mile-long, six lane sea road, laid out by US Marines from 1901 and fronted by nineteenth-century buildings in various states of disrepair. It his where Habaneros hand out and and party at the weekends and its the unique fingerprint of Havana. When I got there, the sun was starting to set. There was a warm breeze blowing and a strong sea swell, with waves crashing against the sea wall. The sun was barely peeping through the clouds when I noticed a 1950s Pontiac approaching in the distance. I waited until it drew closer before pressing the shutter. For me this photo captures the essence of Havana: a uniquely photogenic city frozen in time for fifty years".

Anthony McEvoy was in Cuba for a work a short holiday

hang out: pasar el rato
swell: aumentar
peeping: mirar con disimulo, de reojo

Answer the questions

1. What is the Malecon and what happens there?
2. Which things in the photo and the text capture the essence of Havana for Anthony?

3. Matera, southern Italy: Time stands still

"Nothing could have prepared me for my sight of the Sassi di Matera. I wasn't sure what to expect from a cave town where the locals live in the same houses as their ancestors did 9.000 years ago. I felt like I'd wandered onto a film set. The jumble of stacked cave houses appeared to tumble down a ravine. Adding to the magic of the place was the fact I was the only person there and it felt a ghost town. I left feeling slightly humbled -maybe it was knowing that my hotel room was once a cave dwelling for a family of ten and their livestock"

Greg Jackson spent his summer holiday last year in Italy

*I'm sorry, we can't show the original photo because we don't have the copy right

jumble: embrollo, revoltijo
stacked: amontonadas
to tumble: caer
ravine: barranco
humbled: humilde, modesto
dwelling: vivienda
livestock: ganado

Answer the questions

1. What is special about houses in Matera?
2. How did Greg feel when he left the town?


Look at the ways in which noun phrases can be modified. Add the underlined sections in the text to the appropriate category below:


A noun phrase is a group of words which function as unit to describe the noun. Information can be added before or after the noun in different ways.

1. Compound nouns
A noun can be used to modify a noun. Sometimes these are written as two words, sometime as one word, and sometimes they are hyphenated.
cave houses, fingerprint, candy-floss, (1) _________________

2. Compound adjectives
Adjectives can be used to modify the noun, using hyphens
long-tail boat (a boat with a long tail)
When the noun part is plural, it becomes singular in a compound.
nine-year-old girl (the girl is nine years old)   (2)_________________

3. Adverb + adjectives combinations
refreshingly cool breeze  (3)________________

4. Adjectives
When several adjectives come before the noun, they need to be in a specific order.
Value adjectives (which give your opinion) come first, followed by size, age, shape, colour, origin and material.
delicious slice of home-made apple pie (4)__________________

5. Prepositional phrases and participle clauses
These occur after the noun.

Prepositional phrases:
a camera for filming short video clips  (5)___________________

Participle clauses:
waves crashing against the sea wall  (6)___________________

If you want, before you finish this post, yo can listening some audios about travels

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