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Paddington and how to introduce our children in the English teaching

"I'm not a criminal", said Paddignton, hoslty. "I'm a bear".

Paddington and how to introduce our children in the English teaching

Before Christmas arrives, we suggest us this cartoons.  They will enjoy and improve their English in their holidays.

Read the following text with your children and then try to do the exercises with them

This year, the UK is celebrating the publication of Paddignton's first book, a bear called Paddington, which was released over 50 years ago, in 1958.

His creator, Michael Bond, bought a small bear from Selfridges - a chain of high end department stores in the United Kingdom - on Christmas Eve 1956, as a present for his wife, and named him after the nearest railway station to which they lived.

To mark its anniversary, and in celebration of London’s art, culture and innovation, and the release of Paddington the movie – in UK cinemas from 28 November - there will be 50 Paddington statues all around London from 4 November to 30 December.

Paddington statues will span all of London close to museums, parks, shops and key landmarks in an inspiring trail. Each of the statues has been created by internationally renowned artists, designers and celebrities with the trail following the travelling bear’s favourite places in London. Bears unveiled included David Beckham's 'Golden Paws', Emma Watson's 'Flutterby', Benedict Cumberbatch's 'Sherlock Bear' and Stephen Fry's 'Paddington is GREAT'. Also on display were Nicole Kidman's 'Blush' and Boris Johnson's 'The Bear of London'.

Families are being encouraged to follow in Paddington’s paw-steps throughout the city to famous
landmarks and a few off-the-beaten-path locations. A trail map is available at VisitLondon.com/Paddington along with interactive tools and games to give explorers a place to
share their adventures from the trail.

After December 30, each of the Paddington Trail statues will be auctioned to raise money for charities including the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC), an organization dedicated to ending child abuse in the U.K.

The Paddington Trail is the perfect excuse to go on a pleasure trip to London and sprinkle in some fun (furry) adventure for the whole family.


to span: abarcar
to unveil: desvelar
off-the-beaten-path: ruta típica
auctioned: subastada
sprinkle: esparcir

  1. Watch “Paddignton the movie’s trailer” and have a sneak peek

  1. Read one of “Paddington’s stories”. Do you dare to read it to your children before going to sleep?

  1. Paddigton first appeared on television in 1975 in a series of 30 five minutos programmes. See one of this episodes to practice some listening

STUDY TIP: Cartoons aren’t just for kids. watching cartoons is very advisable for every student since they have simple storylines with a problem and solution, so they are not hard to follow. Even if you do not understand every single word you will be able to visually see the story play out. Also, language is used is purposefully simple because most cartoons’ target audience is children. Give it a try!

  1. Take a took at all the Paddington’s figures. Which one do you like best?

  1. Answer this questions:

  1. Have you ever visited London? If so, what’s your favourite tourist attraction?
  2. Are you planning a trip to London soon?
  3. Did you know about Paddignton’s books and character?
  4. Will you watch Paddignton the movie?
  5. What bear figure do you like best and why? What can you tell us about its designer?

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