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The most important job

All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother 

           Abraham Lincoln

The most important job


 The actor playing the interviewee told applicants that the open position was for a 'director of operations' job

 When he went into the demanding requirements of the job they all acted incredulous, rolling their eyes, frowning and scoffing

A new ad cleverly highlights the impossible demands placed on mothers by portraying parenthood as a real job.In the video ( ), a series of applicants are interviewed for a 'director of operations' position via webcam, with a man on the other end explaining the role they're expected to fulfil.

The interviewees get more and more incredulous as he tells them the position is 365 days a year, 24 hours a day with no pay, no vacation and long periods of standing up and bending over.

Cardstore started by posting a fake classified ad online to fill a 'Director of Operations' position at a place called Rehtom, Inc (which is 'mother' spelled backwards).

Despite all the crazy requirements listed in the job description, they received 24 responses from real people and conducted webcam interviews, which were then made into an ad by Boston agency Mullen. Each of the interviews starts out normally, until the interviewer begins to elaborate on the details of the job.

'This job requires that you must be able to work standing up most or really all of the time,' he says. 'You're constantly on your feet, constantly bending over, constantly exerting yourself, a high level of stamina.' 'That's a lot,' says one woman, wincing a little at the prospect. The actor playing the interviewer adds: 'We're really looking for someone that has a degree in medicine and finance and the culinary arts.' And when another woman asks if there are any breaks at all, he responds: 'You can have lunch, but only when the associate is done eating their lunch.'

He elaborates by saying: 'It's not just a job, it's sort of... probably the most important job,' but the interviewees don't buy it.

When he tells one woman that there is no pay, that she'll be expected to work 24 hours a day, and that 'sometimes [she'll] have to stay up with an associate throughout the night,' her eyes widen.

'If you had a life, we'd ask you to sort of give that life up,' he says.

'That's almost cruel,' she responds. 'That's almost a very, very sick, twisted joke.'

What's more, not only are there no holidays, but he tells the applicants that they'll be expected to work even more on special occasions.

And he justifies the demands by explaining: 'The meaningful connections that you make and the feeling that you get from helping your associate are immeasurable.'

Finally, the interviews take a turn when he says: 'What if I told you that there's actually someone that holds this position right now? Billions of people actually.... Moms.'

'Oh my god,' says one interviewee, smiling when he realizes he's been duped. 'Moms are the best!' Another man grins as he says: 'Now I'm thinking about my mom. I'm thinking about all those nights and everything.'

The touching video, which was made in honor of Mother's Day on May 11, has had more than 1.5million YouTube views since it was posted yesterday.

It concludes with a banner that says: 'This Mother's Day, you might want to make her a card.'

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