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Justice. Lexical chunks

"Thruth never damages a cause that is just"

Mahatma Gandhi



Lexical chunks

Complete the text with the lexical chunks in the box. You don't need to use all the phrases

at that time     miscarriage of justice     a surprising number of people     unjustly accused     protested his innocence     the true story of     rough justice      demanded justice      crime committed

 Wrongly convicted

Cinema loves a mascarriage of justice story. Whether purely fictional or based on genuine events, the innocent man who is  (1)_________________ appeals to (2) _________________, creating some of the best known cinematic classics, such as Alfred Hitchcock's  "The Wrong Man" or Jim Sheridan's ground-breaking "In the Name of the Father".

Although Hitchcock generally preferred to work with fictional stories, "The wrong Man" was inspired by (3) ________________ Christopher Emmanuel Balestrero, whose life fell apart after he was wrongly sentenced to life imprisonment for armed robbery, athough he strongly (4)__________________ throughout

"In the Name of the Father" is arguably one of the most high-impact (5)______________ stories ever. Based on the book "Proved Innocent", the film tells the story of th Guildford Four- four young men who were wrongly imprisoned for the 1974 bombing of two pubs in Guildford and Woolwich in the UK. During their sentence, the men endured (6)_______________ within the prison system. They later (7)_________________ for the way they had been treated and for their years of also imprisonment, thus exposing the judicial and police malpractice which they had encountered (8)______________


1. unjustly accused; 2. a surprising number of people; 3. the true story of; 4. protested his innocence; 5. miscarriage of justice; 6. rough justice; 7. demanded justice; 8. at that time

Vocabulary of justice

*life sentence: condena perpetua
*alibi: coartada
*make appeal: presentar recurso
*courtroom: sala de justicia
*The crime went unsolved and the perpetrators were never brought to justice. El crimen quedó sin resolver y los culpables nunca fueron llevados a la justicia
*The defendant had no previous convictions. El acusado no tenía antecedentes penales
*The prisoners continued to protest their innocence. Los prisioneros continuaron manifestando su inocencia
*under arrest: bajo arresto
*inmate: prisoner
*thief: ladrón
*robber: ladrón
*murder: asesino
*sexual abuse
*prison: jail
*conviction: condena
*accused: defendant (acusado)
*trial: juicio
*Kidnapping: secuestro
*to defend
*court: tribunal
*lawyer: abogado
*bribery: soborno
*jury: jurado
*rape: violación
*blackmail: chantaje
*prosecutor: fiscal
*attorney-lawyer: abogado de sala de juicios
*witness: testimonio
*released on bail: libertad bajo fianza (to release: (v) soltar)
*steal: robar
*fraud: fraude
*injury: perjuicio legal
*scam: estafa
*to blame: culpar
*shop lifter: ladrón de tiendas
*protested his innocence: "manifestar su inocencia”
*rough justice: irregularidades de la justicia
*miscarriage of justice: error de la justicia

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